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AAFM is an independent subsidiary of the ADG services group, a services group with approximately 50,000 employees and a turnover of just under one billion euros that provides us with a sound financial basis. We also have access to a large international network, all of whom we can guarantee to be independent. We can offer you the best solution based on our associated knowledge, in the form of ‘best practices’ from numerous sectors and industries.

About the ADG services group

The mission of the ADG services group is to provide and manage, facilitate and direct, integrate and participate. By doing this, ADG is able to make life as comfortable as possible, with people working and living within a pleasant environment. Joop van Riemsdijk set up the cleaning company ‘Asito’ at the beginning of 1952. Over the past 60 years, that company has grown into the ADG services group. ADG is still a 100%-owned family business with all the shares being held by the daughter of the founder, Monique van Riemsdijk. The services group is made up of seven subsidiaries: AAFM, Asito, Gul, Persoonality, Timing, TSN and Zorgwerk.